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Operator of La Métropole Aix-Marseille Provence institution, RDT13 is the ambassador of its transport policy. Improving transport services through a permanent quality engagement, certified by NF Service label, given by Afnor Certification. Lecar Aix Marseille line, run by RDT13 is certified NF service since 2004. With 286 trips per day and about 3 million passengers, it is the largest intercity line in France.

To display this label, controls based on cleanliness, timeliness,  attitude of our personnel, information are regularly held on all our network.


Our strengths : :

  • A recent fleet of buses under 1 year old in average

  • A departure every 5 minutes at peak periods

  • Online equipments, surveillance cameras, information screens

  • Additional services for passengers : free WiFi, USB power point

  • Organized and responsive staff

Learn more at www.marque-nf.com

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